"It has been great to see the company really grow in the relatively short period of time that I have been here, and the future plans look very exciting."

about RBW

RBW Consulting is a niche recruitment company operating in UK, Europe and US, focusing predominantly within the Life Sciences and Tech sectors. Founded over ten years ago by three recruiters who had a belief that they could become better partners to clients by providing their knowledge and quality of service, over and above commercial gains. To this day, this belief is still instrumental in how RBW operates, a concept which is demonstrated by our growth and the respect and trust earned from our clients over the years. 


To keep pace with the ever-advancing world and aiming to preserve to our roots, we have actively chosen to pivot and align our divisions specifically to the talent market so our clients continue to receive the best quality service and the benefit of a true partner focussing on their needs. As a result, we are held in very high regard in both the Pharmaceutical and Tech fields, with a fantastic track-record in both.  Given our excellent reputation, we have chosen to work with clients we believe demonstrate similar core values and are genuinely looking to be a force for good in their markets.  We are confident that we contribute to supporting organisations that have a positive influence on their markets and their customers.


Underpinning this strategy are our core values, which were built in consultation with every member of our team.  Be it in regard to hiring decisions, or deciding which clients to partner with, these core values are always referred back to. 




Growth Mindset – Upholding these standards requires rigorous self-analysis to identify where we can become even more effective, and an openness to recognising, remedying and learning from mistakes. Internally, we encourage genuine enthusiasm and aspiration for learning and positive development, and we view that as a foundation on which our other values stand firm.


RBW is passionate about continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence. We embrace learning from our failures and build upon our successes.


Professional – We respond to the trust placed in us by those we represent by undertaking to assist in the most effective and professional way we can. Our clients are leaders in the most exciting industries who seek the very best and most capable individuals; we must, therefore, play our part with corresponding capability and professionalism.


RBW takes pride in delivering a service which meets and satisfies the high professional standards of our customers.


Honest – As well as being the ethical approach, honesty is also good business sense. Honesty earns trust, earns reputation, earns success.


RBW commits to being honest in every interaction, be it with client, with candidate or each other.


Fair – Our role often situates us as intermediary in highly sensitive and important negotiations. We take seriously our responsibility to represent all interests fairly, standing firm against anything exploitative or unethical, including that which could be in our interest.


RBW will strive for a fair outcome, representing the interests of the client, candidate and our own with balance and integrity.


Committed – The next assignment is never “just another job”. Every assignment matters and affects real people and real businesses. We choose to specialise in serving industries which do life changing, future-shaping work. As such, you can expect our full commitment when we partner with you.


RBW will deliver a best-in-class service by approaching each search with dedication, focus and hard work.


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