RBW development academy

In 2013 RBW launched its first recruitment training academy. The programme has gone from strength to strength and now is delivering exceptional results.

We are now looking for motivated, driven and ambitious individuals who seek a position in recruitment, working for a company that truly values and develops its staff, at every level.


"What am I likely to expect in my first 3 months at RBW Consulting...?"

Stage 1 (Month 1-3) - Researcher Academy


Initially, you will be part of a Researcher Training Programme. The purpose of this programme is to break the recruitment lifecycle into smaller, more manageable chunks, slowly taking you through every aspect of the recruitment lifecycle from start to finish. When you are clear as to what is expected, you will then apply this in real world situations, working on that part of the lifecycle as if you were a qualified Recruitment Consultant. Over this initial period, you will build your knowledge of all recruitment processes and be confident that you understand the intricacies of the recruitment lifecycle.


The training programme is very unique in the recruitment industry and delivers the best results to current and future employees. Your development towards a Recruitment Consultant position will be faster and more thorough, giving you the foundations to build a very long term, and lucrative career.


Do you want to be considered for the next Development Academy? Please send a covering email along with your CV and any other information that you feel is relevant to our internal recruiter today. Email Luke on luke.readman@rbwconsulting.com or call 01293 584 300.





“Coming from the world of Litigation and Conveyancing I was a little concerned about transferring into a recruitment job.  I was recommended RBW Consulting by a friend and I thought I would apply and see how it went.  What proceeded was possibly the best experience of my working life.  I enrolled in the training academy where we initially spent the first week in “classroom” getting to know one another, the company, the team and the jobs we would be taking over.  Aside from the standard nerves you get when starting a new job the whole process was stress free and as a company each individual guides you through their area and generally fills you in on what you need to learn.  After this we had more exposure to our desks and began picking up the phone, from there it becomes less classroom and more practical learning, it’s the perfect balance. The training and development team at RBW keep a positive watch on all the trainees for 3 months by reviewing our calls, giving instant feedback and offering advise at all times, meaning by the time you graduate (as I just recently have) you feel very comfortable and prepared for the work ahead. The team are friendly and fun, the atmosphere is very social and relaxed whilst still maintaining professionalism.  After graduating last month I feel prepared and ready for anything that my desk can throw at me.” – Luke Blaney


“Following a successful run in retail sales, I decided to join the world of recruitment and reached the point where I had two offers on the table. One was with a large company that would send me away for 3 days to a countryside mansion for some training. The other was RBW Consulting, an agency who detailed a 3 month development roadmap to provide me with all of the tools & techniques needed to learn my craft. Almost 2 years on and RBW is still the best decision I could have possibly made as I am now in a position where I am a knowledgeable and trustworthy consultant within a specialist sector. The researcher programme is fantastic as it offers individuals from completely different walks of life with the opportunity to learn, grow and continually develop successful careers in the world of recruitment. The mix of academic and hands on learning techniques is fantastic as you get the opportunity to learn something new, put it into practice and then evaluate it afterwards. Furthermore, surrounded by knowledgable consultants with many years of recruitment experience, RBW Consulting offers researchers plenty of resource to learn and develop from”  Chris Sinclair 


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