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About RBW

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RBW Consulting was founded in 2007 by three search professionals inspired to disrupt an industry that they saw as too heavily weighted towards short-term commercial gain. They believed — and still believe — that life sciences and technology organisations need and deserve highly specialised search to secure the individuals who will power their world-changing missions.

Over more than a decade, this inspiration has seen RBW Consulting evolve to encompass deep understanding of our clients, their cultures and their objectives. We provide the most comprehensive industry networks available to identify, attract and secure mission-critical individuals — based on a sincere belief in the fundamental human value of the work they do.

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RBW Consulting partners for life sciences and technology clients across Europe and North America. Always guided by insight, integrity and innovation, we place the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Our values inspire, inform and drive our partnerships with pioneering life science and technology organisations to achieve strategic objectives:

  • honesty

  • professionalism

  • growth-mindset

  • fair

  • committed

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The pace of innovation within life sciences and technology is breath-taking. As discovery accelerates, expertise becomes ever more specialised and concentrated in a limited number of people. These mission-critical individuals have never been more important to life sciences and technology innovation — and have never been more difficult to identify, attract and secure.

RBW Consulting applies the principles of its overarching Human Intelligence™ methodology to deliver:

  • Agile executive search and board placements, with dynamic, mission-driven approaches to finding the right individuals

  • Unrivalled expertise across the most complex core functions in both life sciences and technology

  • Deep client understanding, trusted relationships and high levels of emotional intelligence resulting in an effective and streamlined search

Our ecosystem allows us to offer a complete search solution, where we encompass both the technical requirements and the personality fit. We ensure that person, role, team, culture and organisational objectives align to find the individuals who will deliver change.

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RBW Consulting is part of the life sciences and technology sectors — not simply an adjunct — and we have committed to use a portion of our revenue from rare disease clients to fund novel research.

In 2021 we are fully funding a study into the mental health implications of rare disease diagnosis. In subsequent years we will identify new areas of life-improving research for the benefit of our clients and their patients.

Contact for more information or to find out if we can fund research in your field.

“RBW Consulting is an excellent partner, finding the right candidates and understanding our culture to determine whether someone would be a good fit. RBW’s greatest asset is that they know their clients as if they were part of the organisation.”

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