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The Problems with Patient Recruitment for European Clinical Trials - A Solution
Posted 22nd September 2017


There is an increasing move towards Patient Centricity within the Pharma Industry at large and nowhere is this more important than in Clinical Trials. One of the biggest barriers to recruitment for Clinical Trials is that trials are too complex, with this outweighing the fear of only being given a placebo. Ensuring that Patients 'get' the purpose and conduct of any study is therefore imperative if you want to come close to your recruitment targets.

Hitting an enrolment target is only the first step however; what about retention rates? Patients drop-out rates in Clinical Trials can often be upwards of 30%. Even if this is accounted for in the original recruitment target, this cannot be a good thing for the viability of Patient Reported Outcomes against cost.

So beyond ensuring that your trial is straightforward enough for Patients to understand, the engagement of those Patients throughout what can be a very long and drawn out process is perhaps of even great significance; why go to the trouble (and of course cost) of signing those patients up, only to see them drop-off of the short to medium term? The importance of cultural awareness cannot be ignored when dealing with diverse populations.

We specialise in helping US-based Pharma and Biotech with launching studies in Europe. By working with local specialists, who can bring a detailed understanding of the specific markets in which a trial is looking to be run, the above common problems can be alleviated if not avoided entirely.

Here at RBW Consulting, we are able to provide specialists throughout Europe who know the markets in which you are looking to run a trial. Many of our connections have tight links with a variety of patient groups across different therapy areas and can provide both long and short term consulting options to ensure you can obtain the best possible results from your trials. Get in touch with me today at dominic.mitchell@rbwconsulting.com or on +44 1293 584 300 to see how we can help you.

Can you afford not to talk to a local specialist?


Written by Dominic Mitchell - September 2017


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