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How to get the best out of your relationship with your Recruitment Consultant
Posted 16th November 2017



Having worked in the industry for more years than I care to mention, here are some tips for working effectively with the recruitment consultancy industry to secure your next role in an effective, rewarding manner.

  1. The first critical step is to build a personal relationship with an established Consultant. Consultants typically talk to 20 or 30 people a day, depending on their field and the level they work at, so stand out from the crowd. Treat them as an equal with skills and insights that could have a remarkable impact on your career path, which is the reality of the situation.

  2. Find a Consultant who knows your industry, has a good network within the field and who you can establish rapport with. Rather work with a couple of key agencies than a host of inexperienced trainees who are unlikely to be in the industry in six months’ time.

  3. Present clear information on what your criteria are for a new role – honestly sharing information on previous experience, companies you have registered or interviewed with and your salary package and expectations going forward. No-one looks professional if you don’t mention that you have already submitted your CV for the role under discussion.

  4. A well-prepared CV facilities a good screening interview with the Consultant. Do not use elaborate tables and loads of logos – keep it straightforward and professional (the Europass CV format is disliked by most Consultants in the UK).

  5. Take on board the feedback the Consultant gives you about the content of your CV and make the amendments promptly so you do not miss the deadline for the role.

  6. A good Consultant will assist you in preparing for your interview – follow the advice relating to the company research, preparing for competency-based interviews and understanding the details of the job. Do your prep work in order to the successful.


Some obvious basics to follow:

  • If the advert is in English – send your CV in English
  • When sending in your CV, send a brief cover letter highlighting your suitability for the role – a foolscap page of size 8 font information is not going to be read, they are too busy.
  • Keep regular contact with the Consultant and call them, don’t expect them to always call you. Do not stalk them seeking feedback daily, if not appropriate.
  • Don’t randomly apply for roles you are not remotely suited for. Applicants who repeatedly apply for almost everything advertised become overexposed and no-one takes these applications seriously. If you wish to make contact with a Consultant do so directly, not through an advert that has no bearing on your skill set.
  • Keep your Linkedin profile up to date, check for spelling errors and include a professional photograph, avoid personal and group photos.

Building a long-term relationship with a well-networked Consultant can bring interesting career opportunities to your door and enable you to have an understanding of market trends and openings. They will also be able to give you an insight into your value in the market, enabling you to negotiate effectively in a variety of circumstances.


If you are looking to connect with a suitably skilled Consultant within the Pharmaceutical, Biotech or CRO market, alternatively the IT market, I will happily assist you. If you happen to work in one of the few areas that RBW Consulting doesn’t cover, I will recommend a contact from my extensive network that does. My email is julie.robinson@rbwconsuling.com


Written by Julie Robinson - November 2017

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