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What's behind the new look RBW Consulting?

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What's behind the new look RBW Consulting?

​You may have noticed a few things change yesterday when we launched a brand new look and narrative for RBW Consulting. This work has been many months in the making and the changes are designed to better communicate what makes our company and our talented team unique. As part of the launch, I wanted to take the opportunity to go into a bit more detail around the two core pillars that are at the heart of our operating ethos and these changes - Human Intelligence and Purpose.

Human Intelligence is really at the heart of the way we work and is stitched into our:

  1. Structure – blending deep vertical expertise with a hive mind approach, giving clients a smart, agile response to complex challenges

  2. People – better connecting a candidate’s capability with a client’s culture by listening to the unsaid

  3. Network – giving clients more than search through an extensive partner network that offers access to expertise to meet any strategic challenge, whether that’s organisational change and development, crisis management or M&A guidance and support

  4. Team – a commitment to building and retaining a talented team that adds greater value for clients over the long term 

As well as being guided by Human Intelligence, I am extremely proud of the way we do things as a business – in what we believe is the right way. This is why we’ve also taken the time to reiterate our ongoing commitment to being purpose-driven, demonstrated through our reinvesting of profits to fund patient-focused initiatives – most recently through an ongoing research programme looking at the impact a rare disease diagnosis has on mental health; our investment in people over short-term commercial gain; and our drive to gain B Corp status, ensuring we are accountable for the impact we have on the world, people, and society.

It goes without saying that we are extremely proud of the role we play in helping life science companies deliver their life-enhancing work and we feel this new, vibrant look and feel, alongside our compelling narrative now does justice to what makes us stand out, while reinforcing our reputation as a valued, strategic partner to the life science industry.

Richard Warren

This article first appeared on LinkedIn.