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RBW creates new Delivery Team
25th June 2014

Dominic Mitchell will be heading up the newly created team

RBW Consulting are pleased to announce the launch of their Delivery Team. This new team within RBW Consulting is tasked with the management of specialist, global, high volume recruitment.


The team is made up of multi-sector specialist consultants who will ensure RBW Consulting have excellent candidate market coverage and allow us to respond quickly and efficiently to Client requests. The Delivery Team is not just about high volume recruitment; it also forms an integral piece to many of the retained searches under taken when performing ‘market mapping’ exercises on behalf of Clients.   


Predominantly concerned with recruiting roles in Clinical, Drug Safety and Regulatory Affairs, the Delivery Team is off to strong start with interviews already being booked for several of our main Clients. We sincerely hope that this will allow us to deal with some of those more daunting recruitment projects which our clients (current or future) all too often find causing bottle necks to hire. Our task is to ensure you will always have a strong flow of candidates whatever the challenge. 

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