"I've had quite a few people contact me, but I'll place RBW right amongst the top. Highly professional, very personable, approachable and most importantly delivers results. Would highly recommend their services."

Why RBW?

We understand that the markets we work in are competitive. We know that our clients have the option to directly hire candidates. We are aware that we have increased competition.

However, we stand by the fact we should be your preferred recruitment partner. We are very conscious that we represent the client’s brand to candidates and are also responsible for bringing in new members of staff who will go on to be successful within your business - to that end, our screening processes are not only focused on the technical requirements of your roles, but also on the personality fit and behaviours needed to fit in with the team as well as the wider organisation


By completely understanding your requirement and knowing exactly who to search for, we comb the market for the top candidates and manage them through the whole process. Fundamentally, we give you the very best chance of securing the very best people.


By way of an example, click here to take a look at a typical hiring process for us; most of our competitors will bypass many of these steps, while direct sourcing will force you to make time to deal with it all.