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We’re different. Work with us.

Our people say RBW is the place recruiters come to grow up. It’s not without good reason; some have progressed from junior roles all the way to consultant. Most have stayed with us for several years.
And that longevity - the mutual commitment between the business and our people - is a win for everyone: RBW, our clients and you. You’ll develop alongside a sociable, tight-knit team in an open, collaborative environment. You’ll be rewarded with more than a competitive pay package.
But our culture is about more than that. It’s about being invested in each other. Every one of our people has a stake in the company in an employee share trust. So as the company grows in value, everyone benefits - no conditions.

This team grows as one.

RBW’s founders set up the business to do things differently. To create a culture built on professionalism, support and transparency over short-term commercial gain. Our open door policy means just that: the leadership team will know your name, make time to get to know you, and always be available when you need them.
We know we’re not perfect, though. We’re always learning, forensic about where we could improve - and that focus on continuous development trickles down from the top. You’ll always have the opportunities you want to learn, improve and grow.

Help our clients change the world.

RBW’s clients help people live longer, happier lives. We work with some of the world’s most innovative life sciences companies: the pharmas and biotechs developing life-saving therapeutics, the CROs and vendor services businesses helping them do business, and the med-tech companies giving patients better access to healthcare.