"The three Directors have organically created a positive working environment where everyone, no matter their experience, is respected."

Danielle Cohen

Senior Practice Specialist


  • Holiday Destination: Rome / Berlin / San Francisco
  • Colour: Orange
  • Season: Autumn

Danielle has been working in the Recruitment industry for over ten years now, following a first career in Marketing and Advertising. Having joined us in 2010, she works as a specialist consultant in the Health Economics division. She enjoys being the expert in her market and building long-term relationships with clients and candidates, and is an advocate of a strongly consultative approach to recruitment. She has particularly strong networks in the Swiss, German and US markets, and is always happy to provide general career advice and counsel to her contacts as well as speaking about the specific opportunities she's working on.

A bit about Danielle: her dream holiday would be a trip around New England in the Autumn, but as a second best she'd be happy to accept a winter trip to Norway to snowmobile her way around the glaciers and to watch the Northern Lights.



"I've really enjoyed working with Danielle, and have felt fully supported at every stage of the process - from our initial contact when she made sure she gained a clear understanding of the sort of roles that might interest me, to her first briefing about the role I've just accepted that included in-depth information about the culture of both the team and the company, and at every stage of the interview and offer process,  it was clear that she knew her client inside-out."

"As soon as I got the remit to recruit a new Market Access Director, I rang Danielle to discuss a plan of action.  As we've worked together for nearly four years now, I know that she doesn't just have access to a really wide network of relevant candidates, but that she also has an excellent insight into their personalities and motivations.  If you're looking to hire someone who has both the technical skills for the job, but also will fit in really well with your team, I would definitely recommend talking to Danielle."

+44 (0) 1293 584 300

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