Meet the RBW Employee - Simon Penrose
26th January 2016

Have you ever thought about joining the Recruitment industry? See what Simon Penrose has to say!


Simon Penrose joined RBW in early 2015 following an extensive career in Pharmaceutical recruitment. We spoke to Simon in depth about how he made the jump in the recruitment world and why he enjoys it so much. Here is what Simon had to say:


Before recruitment, what were you doing in your career?

I used to work in the mortgage industry.  Originally underwriting mortgages at a high street bank and then I joined a new, independent company where we packaged and underwrote mortgage cases on behalf of brokers and financial advisers. 


Why did you consider recruitment as an option?

I’d been considering a change of career into something entirely new for me, with better earning potentials and certainly something more stimulating than mortgages. I wanted to do something where I could have influence over the work I did -  rather than just processing a pile of papers put onto my desk each morning. A few friends had suggested that I should consider a job in recruitment so I started to give it some thought.


How did you make the step into recruitment?

I actually saw an advert in our local paper for a firm that was about 10 minutes down the road from me.  After a couple of interviews, I decided that recruitment was something that I wanted to do, especially in the area of Pharmaceutical which I found very interesting.


What has your recruitment career looked like?

Well, it’s been nearly 10 years so far and I’ve done so much more than I think I would if I’d have stayed in the mortgage sector. There’s been international trips and exhibitions, a lot of personal and professional development, training and developing others and also plenty of key placements with many drug development companies – I’m really proud of that.


How did you end up at RBW?

I had a connection with RBW as I worked with a number of employees at my first recruitment job.  After about 9 years of working with the same group, it was time for a change.  I met with a few other companies before making my next career move but RBW were by far the most open and transparent and I was very impressed with their attitude towards training and developing staff, openness and specialisation.  


Tell me about the area you currently work in

We refer to the area as ‘Pre-clinical’ (basically the scientific discovery & development of drugs before they can be put towards human use) and within this, I focus on the areas of Translational Sciences, Biomarkers and some of the accompanying Biological Drug Development roles that relate to this.


Why would you recommend working in recruitment / with RBW?

For those who want to start a career in recruitment, I believe that the RBW training academy (run by Michelle Jones and supported by one of the owners, Nick Rapley) is very thorough, supportive and follows a clear path to make sure that each step of the training is assessed and signed-off so there’s progression at each point for those trainees.  I’ve seen nearly all of these people moving on from the academy and settling into various teams and enjoying success in what they do.


For more experienced people, now is a really good time to join RBW.  The company has some exciting plans for the future as the company grows.  The environment will certainly suit those who take a pride in their work, who seek further career development and want to get to work with a great group of people.


If you are looking to join the recruitment industry then RBW could be exactly what you are looking for. If you already have experience then RBW could be a great next step for your career. Get in contact with Sinitta Stuart on 01293 538 300 or to talk about our current opportunities. 

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