Project Swaziland
15th May 2017

A new project for RBW

This July, RBW celebrates its 10th anniversary. With this milestone fast approaching we decided that we wanted to give back to a cause which we truly believed in and a project where we could personally get involved. I believe it is easy enough to give money to a charitable cause on a monthly basis, or do a collection in the office, but we decided this year that we wanted to be part of a larger project within a community that isn’t as fortunate as us.




Through much research I came across Kaya Responsible Travel. Kaya are an organisation working on 150 projects within 29 countries, all across the world, handling project fields which include conservation, education, community, healthcare, arts and business. After much consideration we decided that the Swaziland project seemed most in line with what we were trying to achieve. 




We launched the project idea within the office, and after much interest the team was decided. So in October, myself, Chris Sinclair, Michelle Jones, Dani Williams and Amanda Leslie will be heading to Swaziland for one week to work with Kaya. We are now known as Team Swaziland! 




Swaziland is the smallest country in the southern hemisphere where you can experience strong African culture and traditions and explore dramatic landscapes. We have decided to get involved with an education and building based project.


The project is fully supported by RBW, which has funded the individual trip costs allowing each of us to be part of the project. This will include the accommodation within the volunteer house, 3 meals a day, site coordinator support, training and orientation on the site and travel. Additionally to this, Team Swaziland will be raising money for the additional costs for the project, and further supplies to take with us; school supplies and clothing for the disadvantaged children within the community.


As a team we have some fantastic fund raising ideas, which will help with reaching our project target over the next 6 months. Some of those ideas include, a tuck ‘shop’ in the office, Friday breakfast runs, golf days, sponsored silences (which may prove to be the most lucrative…!) and collections of unwanted clothes, to name just a few.


The team may consist of 5 people, but we are encouraging everyone within the office to get involved. This is an amazing opportunity to work on a voluntary project like we’ve not experienced before, and should give all of those involved an opportunity to develop skills beyond the office environment.


Keep up to date with our fundraising events on the RBW Instagram, Twitter or Facebook profile. 


Written by Zoe Fitzgerald - May 2017

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