360° presented by RBW Consulting
22nd January 2019

7th February / Portland Street, Boston, USA



RBW Consulting brings a new and exciting event to Boston: 360°, opening the company doors for an evening of discussion, networking and company insights.


Hosted by Co-Founder and CEO, Nick Rapley, with attendees Daniel Cheetham (Director), Rob Giarratani (Senior Manager) and Ryan Winter (Recruitment Manager), the event is positioned to give recruiters, and aspiring recruiters in the city the opportunity to find out more about the business in an informal, relaxed, yet engaging setting. 


After a hugely successful 2018, RBW Consulting now looks to expand its team, and is looking to re-invent how people are brought into the business. The co-founder, Nick Rapley, has seen how some of the best talent to join the business in the last 10 years has not come through a typical interview process, but through pre-existing relationships, introductions, or connections, fostered over months and sometimes even years. Nick's idea is to bring talent together in a more social environment, where people of all experiences and backgrounds can meet to learn more about the business history, plans for the coming years, and longer-term company strategy, so that when the time is right to change jobs, RBW is already a known quantity.


RBW Consulting was founded in 2007 by Nick Rapley, Andrew Billingham and Richard Warren. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, expanding headcount and revenue and developing those in the business, both personally and professionally. Its move to the US was borne out of a desire to not just succeed in Europe, but reach out across the globe, applying that which has been learned in the last 10 years to a completely new market; ultimately creating further success and a truly unique internal culture that is not only highly progressive, but unlike anything else found elsewhere in the industry.


Doors open at 5pm, and the event will run until 8pm, drop by for 30 mins on your way home whether you are interested in a new position, or not. Speak with the owner, and co-founder, as well as key members of the team to understand why so many have chosen to join our business, and ultimately why people stay.


Oh, and there’s free beer too. See you on the 7th February.


To RSVP, click here and register your details today!  Confirm your name and email address to be added to the attendee list. See you there! 






Nick Rapley

Nick is the CEO and Co-Founder of RBW Consulting, setting the business up with two colleagues Richard Warren and Andrew Billingham back in the UK in 2007. They had a vision to create a vibrant new consultancy which showed fundamental differences to a typical recruitment companies, and have achieved exactly that. The core to the success over the years has been the people in it, offering everyone the chance to not only progress their careers through ongoing development, but also develop as people – fully supported by the business and its owners. The success of the UK business in the first 10 years created a launchpad to move to the US, and Nick has now re-located to Boston FT to scale the business further.


Icebreakers: Big cycling-nut, has recently found Brooklyn Boulders (and is fully addicted – cannot stop thinking about the route he just can’t beat… this is a problem) and drove a Rickshaw the length of India (many-many miles)


Daniel Cheetham

Dan joined RBW back in 2010 as a Researcher, and having worked continuously to progress and develop, has been promoted 6 times, built up new areas of the business and most recently won 360 Recruiter of the Year for 2018. After a long stay in Boston during 2017/18, Dan has now decided to relocate back to Boston to be the driving force behind RBW’s newest stateside office. Dan’s ethos is work hard and play hard (cliché, but true) and can be known for making the office environment a highly productive one, whilst having fun doing it.


Icebreakers: Completed Al’s Sub Challenge, will never turn down a Boston beer after work and once fell 40ft and lived to tell the tale (ask him, good story…)


Ryan Winter

Ryan joined RBW’s Development Academy in 2015 and has since progressed to become a truly specialist Consultant within the Medical, PV & Risk Management industry. Ryan is highly detailed and methodical in his approach to the area, and his expert knowledge makes him already one of the most successful recruiters on the East Coast. Ryan is based out of the UK office, working US hours, and is hugely excited to help build the US brand.


Icebreakers: If he could ski everywhere he would (Boston could well be this…), yet to find a gin he doesn’t like and has a very low number of exceptionally well cooked signature dishes


Robert Giarratani

Rob Giarratani joined RBW’s Boston team in late 2018, having spent 3 years in the profession, most recently specialising in Clinical Operations recruiting. A local Bostonian guy whose highly driven ambitions to be one of the most successful US employees over the next 10 years make him really stand out, and he certainly has the qualities to make that happen. A hugely personable guy, who is looking to build out his business development skills within the company and create himself an outstanding client portfolio.


Icebreakers: He’s known locally as ‘Tony Montana’, he’s never had a Dr Pepper and knows all about food / sport / music (<he’s specialist in all 3!)


To RSVP, click here and register your details today!  Include your name and email address to be added to the attendee list. 


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