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Impact Program

As a business we’re driven by the knowledge that everything we do contributes to better health outcomes, both indirectly - in placing the talent to achieve our clients’ missions - and directly, enabling more informed decision-making through investment in patient-focused initiatives through our Impact Program.
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Our Impact Program sees us directly investing in patient-focused initiatives. We kickstarted this in 2021 and have made clear that we intend this to be part of our commitment to the sector we operate in moving forwards. The criteria for our projects is that they must fulfil an unmet need, whether that is a shortage of knowledge, data, discussion or practical implementation on important issues within the health or life science sector.

We aren’t a big player when it comes to some of the giant companies operating in the life science space, so are mindful that our support could be a drop in the ocean. But that doesn’t put us off! Our grant criteria are broad, and we’re particularly interested to hear about any areas that are currently underrepresented. Do you have a patient-focused project within your organization that would provide great benefit to patients but is unable to be commercially funded? If so - we want to hear about it. Let’s talk.

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Latest Project

Trial & Error: Supporting Age Diversity in Clinical Trials

In 2023, we tackled the issue of age discrimination in clinical trials which has remained on the agenda of governments and regulators for many years, but it’s a tough nut to crack. We have seen clinical trials become more inclusive in recent decades. However, the representation of older patients still lags, even when testing medications that will predominantly be prescribed to older patients. About one-third of medications and medical interventions in trial phases exclude people based on their age.  

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Past Projects

During 2021 and 2022, we fully funded a project led by Rare Disease Research Partners to dig deeper into the mental health impact of a rare disease diagnosis. The goal was to shine a spotlight on the issues, prompt discussion and create a set of guidelines on the practical ways that all those involved can work together to optimally support those living with a rare disease at the point of diagnosis.

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Patient impact:

help shape our funding priorities

Our clients serve diverse patient populations. We’re particularly interested to hear about those which are under represented. Would yours benefit from a research study? If so - we want to hear about it.

Let’s talk.