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About Us

At our core, we’re a recruitment firm dealing with permanent & contract hires - but to us, recruitment isn’t just about hiring. It’s about putting people into the room that will achieve a business goal. Fulfilling missions with Human Intelligence™. Our work is founded in that same ethos: whatever opportunities you need to unlock, we’ll find you the person who’s got the key.
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Why Us

Clients come to us with all kinds of recruitment and search needs, from contingent recruitment to sensitive executive search. Whatever the brief we will consult with you and take a diagnostic approach to search, tailoring our approach to your needs. And we move fast, giving you more agility in changing market environments.

Our consulting style is about delivering outcomes, not PowerPoints;we’re in the business of solving problems, not just looking for them. Alongside our recruitment and search services, we want to ensure that the correct people are in the room to help you achieve your mission whether that be through direct employment or through our unparalleled network of professional services partners.

As a candidate, you’ll work with a consultant that gets to know you, the whole you. We know that people are more than a resume; the perfect fit isn’t resume to job spec. It’s human to human, values to core beliefs. So we’re only interested in introducing you to businesses where both you and they will thrive.

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Human Intelligence™

Everything we do at RBW is underpinned by Human Intelligence – Our unique way of working

Structure: Deep Vertical Expertise: Our practice structure blends deep vertical expertise with a hive mind approach giving clients a smart, agile response to complex challenges

People: We connect candidates’ capability with our clients’ cultures by listening to the unsaid. We look below the surface to find the person who fits, not just the resume

Network: We give clients more than search; through our extensive partner network we offer access to expertise to meet any strategic challenge

Team: We practice what we preach, which means we’ve built and retained a talented team that adds greater value for clients over the long term 

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Purpose: Work that makes life-changing impact

We are proud of our role in helping companies deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes for patients. We take our responsibility to find world-class talent for you seriously as every individual plays a part in pushing forward life changing innovation that will change lives.

We give back by playing an active role in funding initiatives that change lives. In fact, we believe we are the only consultancy in our space to directly fund patient-focused research from our own profits.

We are also aware of our responsibility to the wider society which is why we are proud of our B Corporation status, demonstrating our commitment to put the environment and people ahead of profit. This starts at home; all of our people own a stake in the company. It’s why we’ve built and retained an incredible team.

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Connecting Capability with Culture

Diversity is key to success - from our own boardroom to those of our clients. We’re firmly committed to our DEIB agenda, ensuring diversity of thought is represented on every assignment. Importantly we believe that skills and background don’t define someone. What defines them - and makes for a strong fit - is their aptitude, character and ambition. Our approach to recruitment is deeply rooted in this philosophy: we’re always listening for the unsaid. We find, engage and represent you to the best person for your business, not the best resume.