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The Power of Employer Branding

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The Power of Employer Branding


Pick any random selection of CRA or CPM adverts and it’s highly likely you’d be hard-pushed to be able to tell them apart. The Clin Ops hiring space can easily look like a generic sea of job descriptions rather than a vibrant tapestry of differentiated roles with interesting nuggets of information to attract those all-important applications.

It’s no secret that (with CRAs especially) these are very candidate-short markets and when the hiring squeeze comes, the Vendor side of the industry in particular find themselves in a tricky predicament where they cannot hire quickly enough. So why do we seem intent of shooting ourselves in the foot?


What’s happening at the moment?

When clinical hiring teams post job listings for CRA or CPM roles, they tend to blend together, offering generic lists of duties and buzzwords that mirror internal job descriptions. This approach fails to set companies apart or truly captivate potential applicants.

In this post-COVID landscape, companies often neglect to effectively market themselves to candidates. When they do attempt to "sell," it typically involves a business development-style pitch emphasizing longevity in a particular industry rather than highlighting unique selling points (USPs) that truly resonate with prospective employees.

It's crucial for companies to understand that potential hires aren't just interested in whether a company has the technical expertise or capacity to execute clinical trials. They're evaluating whether the company aligns with their career goals and aspirations.

Therefore, it's imperative for companies to prioritize employer branding and differentiate themselves effectively in the competitive job market.


What do candidates want?

Firstly, candidates will always prioritize role-specific details such as the therapy area the position focuses on and the average number of monitoring visits per month, basically the elements of a job that will have a tangible impact on the candidate’s day to day life and fulfilment.

Alongside this they crave genuine insights into the company itself. These include reasons why this particular company stands out as the ideal workplace and why its culture sets it apart from numerous other options. Boasting about reputation and industry tenure is no longer sufficient to gain the best talent.

This is precisely where employer branding plays a pivotal role.


How to Develop Your Employer Brand

There are a number of things to be mindful of and consider when it comes to employer brand. It is important to:

Know your organisation well: To establish a robust employer brand, it's crucial to delve into the essence of your company. Consider your overarching goals, core values, and organisational culture. These elements not only inform the type of individuals you're seeking but also provide the foundation for articulating why prospective employees should choose to work with you.

Check your reputation: Collect feedback from both current and, where feasible, former employees to gauge their opinions about working for your company. Additionally, leverage insights from your top-performing and most dedicated employees to understand the factors contributing to their success and satisfaction within your organisation.

Show the benefits of working for you: It's crucial to showcase the perks of being part of your company to both attract and retain top talent. Your employment proposition should illustrate what sets your company apart and what it provides for its employees. Emphasise creating a workplace environment where employees feel valued and passionate about their work, rather than solely focusing on offering the highest salary available.

Leverage your employees as brand ambassadors: Your employees serve as the most credible and genuine source of information for potential candidates. Encourage your team members to share their stories, accomplishments, and perspectives on your website and social media platforms. This approach fosters authenticity and trust, helping to attract and engage prospective talent.

Make your message clear and consistent: Craft a concise and memorable message to convey your employer brand consistently across various channels and platforms. Utilise phrases that capture your company's values and culture, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.

Take constructive criticism: Constructive criticism fuels our growth. Along the way you may encounter negative thoughts and opinions and whilst it may not seem like it, these are hugely beneficial and important to uncover. It's vital to view these as opportunities for improvement and development.



A strong and robust employer brand is paramount to success in the current hiring climate, nowhere more so than in the ultra-competitive CRA and CPM space. By following some of the above ideas, you can develop your own brand beyond that of your competitors and begin to stand out as an employer of choice; somewhere that candidates actively seek out roles. RBW can assist you with understanding the current Clin Ops talent pool through market insight reports or our Clin Ops talent tracker tool. We can also help you to leverage your employer brand and attract industry leading talent. Do please get in touch with me if you would be interested in learning more.