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Our Specialisms

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  • Biometrics

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What People Have To Say

  • Thank you for your partnership & value you continue to deliver

    ​Please accept this brief note as an expression of my appreciation for the high-quality candidates you have been sending over.  Thus far, each candidate has exceeded my minimum standards, making my job that much easier. Thank you for your partnership and the value you continue to deliver.

    C-Suite Executive
    Tech-Enabled Clinical Company
  • Goes above and beyond for their clients

    A recruiter who really does go above and beyond for their clients. For more than 12 months my Consultant was a constant source of support & positive thinking during the search for my next role. He would often call me out of the blue to talk about an opportunity here or a development there, but he never sold me anything that wasn't quite right; he was always straight and honest with me. RBW's professional qualities are second to none but its how they value the relationships they have with their clients and how much they care about finding them the right role & the right opportunity, that makes them a cut above the rest.

    Senior Patient Communications Director
    Patient Engagement Agency