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Tech Centre of Excellence

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Tech, Data and Life Science Expertise under one Roof 

RBW supportsLife Science Technology and Tech Bio companies in building the teams that build and develop best-in-class products and infrastructure. The talent to transform your business in an ever-evolving world of Technology and Economic Disruption.

We can show you who to hire and where to find them, giving you the edge to achieve goals that require a new approach. You’ll partner with a team with unique experience at the intersection of life science and technology - and a deep understanding of how the unprecedented convergence of technological, social supply and demand disruption will put critical stress on your business and its operating model.

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In a highly competitive candidate market, though, effective workforce planning isn’t just about sourcing the right talent: it’s about making sure it’s you they want to work for in this highly competitive space. So you’ll get what you need to make them an unbeatable offer: insight on salary and benefit trends, candidate availability heat maps and competitor analysis - as well as strategic scenario planning to see around the next corner.

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Examples of where we can support you

AI/Machine Learning

Meet candidates across the entire Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science spectrum, from both commercial and clinical environments to platform technologies, to predictive analytics. 

Hire the most highly skilled, in-demand practitioners from extensive networks in life science and tech. We will give you the network, insight and clout to compete with the technology giants.

Computational Biology

Working at the intersection of computer science, biology, and big data, applied mathematics, chemistry, and genetics unsurprisingly Computational Biologists are hard to find.

RBW offers our clients assess to candidates with this unique skill set by ensuring our specialist consultants are networking constantly with individuals within and entering this field. Taking the indicative to build pre-emptive talent pipelines. 


Recruit the people who can build, develop and launch the most scalable platforms from the ground up. Tap into diverse networks - capitalising on RBW’s deep knowledge of the languages and nuances of different builds.

CTO’s and Commercial Tech 

Ensure success from beginning to end, working with market-leading CTOs and Tech-orientated commercial talent. 

Our networks expand out from life science into, manufacturing, telecoms & FinTech ensuring we are bringing fresh thinking to life science projects and problems.