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For when flexibility is critical

Your business doesn't stand still. Our Project-based solutions can help you scale-up rapidly and efficiently to match ever-changing needs. Our unmatched networks are able to react to a wide range of business needs when and where you need them.

Contingent Search 

Our fastest, most efficient approach to straightforward hiring needs. We draw on wide networks of talent to quickly identify suitable talent and refer them straight to you - before the competition reaches them. Our Contingent Search clients only pay a fee if the hire goes ahead.

Contract Solutions

When flexibility is critical, our Contractor offering gives you access to talent on tap - from a single specialist to a whole business function - so you can achieve your mission with minimal risk and without fixed overheads. This kind of search is best for complex projects with tight timelines and evolving requirements.

Talent as a Service

TaaS is the most flexible way to access the talent you need when targets could shift at short notice. You’ll get a virtual workforce to expand your operations without the traditional risks and costs of hiring - and you can scale the team up or down whenever project requirements change.