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Executive Search

Human Intelligence comes to the fore in our Search offerings. We draw upon our experience within life science and leverage a network of connections built exclusively in the industries that matter to you.

Executive & Board Appointments

Our full-service offering for business-critical talent needs and skills in short supply.

You’ll get ongoing support to develop the right hiring strategy for your wider growth plans, tailored to your sector in one of our four individual practices. You’ll get the clearest picture of who’s out there with global or regional market mapping and talent pooling, tapping into an unparalleled network we’ve built over 15 years. And you’ll get a full shortlist of the most capable candidates to fit your culture - who we’ve already approached and assessed against your key search criteria.

​Advisory Services

We deliver outcomes, not PowerPoints. We’re in the business of solving problems, not just looking for them. Tapping into our deep life science and recruitment knowledge we are able to give you unparalleled market insight and advice. Where our in-house expertise do not match your projects, we also have access to a vetted network of professional services partners - commercial and access strategy, funding, M&A, change management. You’ll get more than a report; you’ll get the capability you need to achieve your goals.