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Strategic Consulting

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We've got the solution to your problem

RBW helps life sciences businesses change the world. Our consultants show you what’s around every corner - so you can minimise risk and keep your mission on track.
Clients come to us with all kinds of business needs, from the straightforward to the highly complex; sourcing talent to sensitive acquisitions. We take a diagnostic approach to consulting, tailoring our questions and responses to action focused solutions. And we move fast, giving you more agility in changing market environments.
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Meet the person who’ll power your growth

At our core, we’re a search firm - but to us, recruitment isn’t just about hiring. It’s about putting people into the room that will achieve a business goal. Solving a problem with Human Intelligence. Our consulting work is founded in that same ethos: whatever opportunities you need to unlock, we’ll find you the person who’s got the key.
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We deliver outcomes, not PowerPoints

We’re in the business of solving problems, not just looking for them. Through an unparalleled network of professional services partners - commercial and access strategy, funding, M&A, change management - you’ll get more than a report; you’ll get the capability you need to achieve your goals.