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Develop, Finesse and Commercialise Life Changing Technology

Our experts in Life Science Technology specialise in growth strategy for evolving technology businesses. We can support you to build the commercial, development and support teams to engage more patients. Better understand your market environment. Reach the most important CRO and pharma clients - and make a proposition they can’t refuse.

And because our networks connect life science and technology in a way that no other Search firm can, you’ll meet those rarest of candidates: people with a deep understanding of both worlds. People who are in it for the journey.

We’re more than the sum of our networks, though. With over 15 years’ experience partnering with life science CIOs & CTOs, as well as commercial leaders our practice structure gives you a hive mind of tech and life science knowledge and expertise. So we know where your business adds the most value in the life science ecosystem - and we can make a compelling proposition to the perfect candidates.

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"Emma and her team have been a phenomenal support and asset to our company. From the outset, we felt they were as invested in our company as we are. They embedded themselves so well into our culture.

Aside from being easy to work with, and really understanding our needs, the team at RBW has truly supported us in achieving our goals. Emma will always go above and beyond, even supporting us in setting up HR and payroll. We have not only benefited from RBW's exceptional skill of finding us talent, but also Emma’s extensive partner network."

Senior VP, Virtual Engagement Platform

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Examples of areas where we can assist:

●       Commercial (Sales & Business Development)

●       Technology

●       Customer Success

●       Marketing

●       Clinical & Medical

●       C-Suite